Side Skirts

Mod allows you to put the exhaust on the sides of the tractor separately from the side skirts for ETS 2

▶ Works in MP.
▶ You do not need to buy a new tractor.

▶ In MP, the tractor does not have to be tuned as the modification will fly off!

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Black Sky


5 thoughts on “Side Skirts

  1. Hello, Black Sky,

    in the Mod “Exhausts for Trucks by Niko2k4” it exists.
    With and without Sideskirt-Exhausts. 😉

  2. MasterofDesastar

    No fille.

  3. Not work!

  4. Tremonia1974

    just why? looks ugly

  5. volvo 2019 can’t work,but 2009 can….
    ah..can you make volvo 2012 Sideskirt?i find some but not work or have bug.

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