Silesia Rebuild in Poland v1.4

Mod is about rebuild the southern lands of Poland region “Silesia” and the main City Katowice

Version 1.4:
– New city Czestochowa
– Added secret place for Christian religious cult in Czestochowa named Jasna Gora
– Update of A1 junction Czestochowa North
– Update of Dk46 road to the Swietokrzyskie province with new cities Olsztyn and Szczekociny
– New connector to S7 road and city Jaworznia
– Repair of traffic lights in Siemianowice
– Repair of many curves on roads
– Update of old road number 1
– New car dealers Volvo and Mercedes
– Update of traffic in Gliwice
– Added places of memory about catastophic disasters in Katowice and Szczekociny
– Update of highway gates on route – Wroclaw – Opole – Katowice – Krakow



8 thoughts on “Silesia Rebuild in Poland v1.4

  1. I podziękował. Dobra robota. Aby tak dalej!! Pozdrawiam

    1. Czy to mozna uzywac razem z ProMods ,PR, RusMap??

      1. Można, nad PR.

  2. a Sosnowiec będzie 🙂

  3. a kiedy rozbudowa Piekar ?

  4. Compatible with Map Combos and Poland rebuild?

  5. dzien 128 az ktos zrobi rebuild dolnej wielkopolski

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