Simple Colored Map for PM 2.33

Simple Colored Map for ProMods 2.33!
version: 1.1
You do not know where you are?
If the maps are color-coded, the border between countries will be obvious.

Now is the time to cover the whole Europe!

PigeonBB, wojson


5 thoughts on “Simple Colored Map for PM 2.33

  1. d_efremov

    The Great Steppe,Southern Region?

    1. Read mod name one more time please

  2. Only for European part, maybe later I will try to add other regions. It is mainly for PM 2.33 and added countries in PM 2.30

  3. And please – in the name of the mod is included “for PM 2.33” so don’t demand other maps to work…

  4. ETS2
    Les pays sont décalé chez moi.
    Countries are shifted to my home

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