SiSL’s Mega Pack v 2.3

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This mod contains over 500+ cabin accessory items suitable for your taste, bringing female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck driver needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, lots of scarves, fresheners, toys and many many more…

It requires Cabin Accessories DLC currently only for ETS2.

Also contains some items that you can easily customize for your own preference like Picture frame, your own mug, your country flag that you can download from official Facebook page Download tab. Detailed info about customization is also on Facebook page.

Author: SiSL

DOWNLOAD 230 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 230 MB [Sharemods]

13 Responses to SiSL’s Mega Pack v 2.3

  1. Ralph says:

    You did it again! Thanks Sisl! Absolutely great work!

  2. akula11 says:

    one of the most beautiful and greatest work for ets

  3. honx says:

    what is new in v2.3? readme doesnt contain info. and are both traffic addon still v2.1 (according to info-button in mod manager) or do i just have downloaded the wrong versions?

  4. DAFings says:

    This is real update or fake?

  5. SiSL says:

    This update contains all minor updates done in Steam version since 2.2 + Jedi & Sith Holocrons and new picture frames.

    You can see updates from:

    No update required for Traffics and Yes, DAFing, it is real.

  6. Jannes says:

    Hi Sisl, if you want to do it the good way you should put the radio cb next tot the tacho (above the drivers head)

    cheers !

  7. PDLeavitt says:

    My game crashes every time I go into mod shop. Help…

  8. TürkOyuncu says:

    Helal olsun, çok güzel mod yapmışsın.

  9. LunaTikk says:

    Nice Work SiSL, but the Miniscarfs and the Pennants don’t swing

  10. Vajo says:

    Is it compatible with jey jey add-ons ?

  11. Cipinho says:

    great work for this pack, it’s however place for improvements:
    – can have more options for co-drivers which could replace the Star Wars and other silly characters.
    – could co-drivers be bouncing heads according to the cabin movement (as some toys do already)
    – more Minions and improved bouncing

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