SiSL’s Mega Pack with Star Wars DLC 1.4


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v1.4 – 30.12.2015 – Happy New Year 2016

– Remeshed Boba Fett helmet.
– Revaluated BB-8 Materials
– Fixed Pig Minion to appear


– Customizable “My Flag”
– Customizable “Flags”
– Terminator T-800 Skull Hangtoy
– Comet P67/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Hangtoy
– Skyrim Logo Hangtoy
– Nikon DSLR Camera
– Table Calculator
– Scientific Calculator
– Acoustic Guitar
– Gibson Guitar
– PvZ: Sun flower
– Tablets Vertical and Horizontal, both customizable through Customization.scs
– IVECO Stralis Die-Cast Toy

STAR WARS additions

– Skywalker Family Lightsaber
– First Order Stormtrooper Helmet (Episode VII)
– BB-8 Droid for Toybig slot
– First Order Insignia
– Death Star I Fully armed and operational
– Tusken Raider (Sand people) Figurine


To enable this feature, you need to also activate SiSL’s Star Wars Universe.scs file in your Mod Manager

– Speederbike with Scout Trooper (Episode VI)
– XP-34 (Luke’s Landspeeder, Episode IV)


DOWNLOAD 147 MB [sharemods]

12 thoughts on “SiSL’s Mega Pack with Star Wars DLC 1.4

  1. Is this compatible with all trucks?

    1. All trucks? You seriously expect someone to try it with all trucks out there? Just download and see if it works with the truck you want it to work with, if it does… Great.

    2. jeyjey-16

      This mod is compatible with all trucks who have compatibilty of dlc cabin accessories. The toyhang are available for all trucks base + some modded trucks like 50keda, RJL…

  2. AlexandruM

    Mercedes 2014 Toys pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i cant find them were is it

  4. Thx for update! ^^

  5. Thnx for the update SiSl, especially for the nice female passengers! Question is possible princess Leia as a passenger ?

    1. Kiwi_Wolf

      Oh god I would pay for that….

  6. I have Gimp2. How do you change the pictures in the frame? I tried adding pictures as layers but can’t save, get warning…

    DDS: It appears your image may be a volume map,
    but not all layers are the same size, thus a volume
    map cannot be written.

  7. how does this customizable flags/tablet thing work? i can’t customize anything. should there be an extra button or similar?

    1. Details are on my Facebook page (Notes section):

  8. Since the first mod, all inside cab objects show with external camera. Using ETS2 v122.2.7. Sisl’s version is 1.5.1. Will there ever be a fix? Or an answer? Thanks.

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