Skin Brasil Império ( Brazil Empire )

The Imperial Flag of Brazil has many meanings related to our own history. It reveals many significant elements about the formation of national character. Starting with the main colors chosen for his composition: GREEN and YELLOW. From a very early age, we have mistakenly learned that the connection of these colors is in our forests and riches. However, the teaching of this version of colors became popular during the republican governments, which had no interest in perpetuating a connection between society and the monarchy in Brazil. The real meaning chosen for these colors lies in the heraldic of the royal Bragança, Portugal and Habsburg, Austria families, respectively representing D. Pedro I and Dona Leopoldina, the first imperial couple in Brazil.

Bruno Sartori


4 thoughts on “Skin Brasil Império ( Brazil Empire )

  1. Lilo is Good

    Nice skin, Brazil is my 3rd favorite South American country after Uruguay and Argentina.

    1. Bruno Sartori

      Glad you liked the painting. I am Brazilian and did this painting in homegaem to the monastic period of Brazil, a period in which the country was respected and was one of the greatest world powers of the time.

  2. Nice skin, thanks!

  3. lovely colourcombination !

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