Skin canon for Volvo vnl 670&trailer doubledeck


Skin canon for volvo vnl 670 & trailer doubledeck by Karen Grigoryan
Skin Pack for Canon Volvo 670 + trailer dvuhurovnik.Osnovnoy background skin is painted in metallic, three ottenkah.Pritsep autonomous, registered in the traffic, in order agencies and cargo galeree.Naimenovanie Canon cameras, mass 50tonn
Test version

Карен Григорян


3 thoughts on “Skin canon for Volvo vnl 670&trailer doubledeck

  1. Nice. Could you make a skin from Russia with russian text and the russian logo ? Thanks

    1. Это не проблема,но боюсь на этом сайте не будет спроса.так как тут мало русскоязычных пользователей

    2. Aleksandro

      Hi! Not a problem, contact the author at the site Playground and all if You is not difficult.

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