Skin Combo Pack “Weeda”


Tested Version 1.18.x
Compatible with all DLC
Trailers are standalones
Compatible with all trailers packs

* Respect the download link *

Matdom1988, Migu, Sky76, TZ Express, Michail, K0Br4, Furkan61, Satan19990, Fred_be and Unknown


6 thoughts on “Skin Combo Pack “Weeda”

  1. puffitheone

    Awesome…i´m speechless

  2. deineMudda

    if there would be a RJL Skin, it would be awesome!

    Anyway, thanks for it!

  3. Please red trailer skin, white trailer THX

  4. nice ! Fred_be
    Ciao amico

  5. please make trailer skins in one scs file

  6. Is it includes for Weeda trailers as well? Many thanks.

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