Skin for Scania S 8×4 Heavy Haul

Skin for Scania S 8×4 Heavy Haul.
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7 thoughts on “Skin for Scania S 8×4 Heavy Haul

  1. Thanks. We need more skins for the new Scania with 8×4 cabin *thumbs up*

    1. Agreed, thanks for this great skin, nice.

  2. But we need also Templates for this Truck. So everybody can make
    his own Skins.
    But SCS did not think at this. 🙁
    May be, somebody knows a Solution ?

    1. vanhouten_cz

      unpack base.scs (if I remeber good), and there is skin – black with gold line. You can use it like a template. There are all important parts. I make own skin on this base 😉

    2. haven’t you checked out the thread in SCSforum ?
      It’s been available since 19th may

  3. Thanks

  4. wirdokhatzu

    this skin support Mighty griffin DLC??? so the skin do not have weird paint on rear bumper and bullbarr.

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