Skin Orange v 1.0

Adds a trailer to the game with the skin “Orange”
Weight – 20000 kg
Tested on 1.36.x version



7 thoughts on “Skin Orange v 1.0

  1. Please stop bother us with your ugly skins.

  2. Developers of this website, please stop this guy from uploading these skins! They are ugly and not only that but we consider it as a way of spamming. This madness needs to stop, why can’t you just do normal company skins? Because I’m pretty sure noone downloads this, so you have two options, either you stop uploading this kind of content or you begin to work a bit more and do some real company skins.

    1. JoachimK


  3. H O R R I B L E

  4. Can you please make one with peas???

  5. ugly. Stop spamming

  6. ###! this skin is horrible, ugly… fight000 stop guy, spamming

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