Skin PWT Cargo for Scania S + Lightbox

skin for Scania S 2016 Highline PWT Cargo with lightbox,mods needed : legendary 50k addons for Scania S,BKC accessory pack for Scania S,Hella Chromium lamp,Trux Highway for Scania NextGen S/R by DimDoum87X or bullbar Hypro by 3dma and this is the link for big sunshield
thanks for base mod to friendbredovich



8 thoughts on “Skin PWT Cargo for Scania S + Lightbox

  1. hello,in the lightbox the written pwt cargo does not appear even with the highest priority ‘!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

    1. do you have activated in your mod folder the ” Legendary “50k-addons” [1.31][v2.5 ” this is the link :

  2. Excuse me, do you have a link for the “BKC accessory pack for Scania S”, please?

  3. Do you have link for the hypro bullbar?

  4. Do you have link for the hypro?

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