Skin Scania Wallek


Skin German transport company specializing in the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

Author: jenyait


8 thoughts on “Skin Scania Wallek

  1. chatonopentelho

    is too much to ask to put the file on sites that simply do not install the download APPLICATIONS ??? TKS !

  2. Sarkissian

    Please upload this great skin to another site!
    This site sucks and lets you download some other #### also!

  3. Great mod ! 🙂
    Link for wheels ?

  4. Ovaj skin sam ja napravio prije nekoliko mjeseci…baš je cool.


    i very like all skins !!!
    amazing work everytime…

    congratulations yet !!!

    Thanks a lot

  6. Credit to you for a well-made mod, the paintjob has a reasonable price, an unlock level, the SCS is compressed, and the files are properly named (not just ‘paintjob_scania’ as everyone uses). It’s even a good livery too, nice work.

  7. On the download site;

    – click download slow speed
    – at the bottom left; click “no thanks”
    – then click “download on slow speed” again
    – wait one minute

    You only download “####” if you click on the wrong things…

  8. DaniGyörgy

    Vomiting is compliant?

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