SKM Extended Map V1.9.0


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•Converted Map to ETS2 V1.19
•Added support for mod manager
•Map and bug fixes
•Optimized the map for lower end machines
•Added Support for the 2 new cities in Going East DLC
Reworked the following Cites:
•Aberdeen, Further reworked
•Dover, Further reworked
•Carlise, Further reworked
•Edinburgh, Further reworked
•Added Gdynia as a city

SKM Team


11 Responses to SKM Extended Map V1.9.0

  1. zh8870666 says:

    After loading the MOD Manager can not find the MOD, please check.

    • Puncake says:

      Works fine for me, As i’m the lead beta tester i have checked it. I also asked another guy who downloaded and it works for him aswell.

      • damian says:

        worked perfect for me as you can see the mighty pink n green machine hahahah

  2. butler1955 says:

    After loading the map and searching around, there are lots of roads that are not connected so you cannot get from Paris to Orleans because of no road connection. Just follow from there and you will see that a lot more roads are not connected.
    Regards butler1955

  3. Theosz says:

    thx for sharing SKM Team.

    This is first time I try use this mod but in my v1.19 crash before see screen where I can choose the city for first trip.

    Looking at the game.log.txt it looks like it is mandatory have DLC Scandinavia.

    Am I right?

    I do not have. I don’t know if I belong to minority or majority.

  4. TwitchTV/Eliximus says:

    Hi , maps works fine but shame is not bringing much details as MHA map.
    after all just simple edit of base map and moving around some elements .Out od 10 ill give 2 for time and effor spendet by team.
    Thank You , Mark .


    WTF!! I started a new profile with this.
    Loaded fine.
    Started in Dover.
    Leaving the company i see that the cars are driving on the right where the map has been edited.
    Cars coming towards the ones on the right then glitching to where the cars are supposed to be. Cars driving on the right side glitch over to the left side when they go from the edited part tot eh normal part.


    • SKM TEAM says:

      the issue with the Ikea prefab is not down to us, we have looked at it many times, the prefab is not set up for UK traffic by scs, we are aware of it

  6. SKM TEAM says:

    Map is compatible with 1.20, we added compatibility for 1.20 in the manifest file just today, the DL link will have the update manifest, even though when we posted this mod it was 1.19 only, we use mediafire desktop so any changes made to the scs file on mediafire desktop get synced straight away download with confidence that it will work

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