SKM UK Extended Map V0.8.1.4


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SKM Extended map brings more depots and variety to the UK, as lets face it the UK has been abandoned, at SKM we hope you enjoy our first public test any bugs then report them to us at our facebook page

ScaniaLAD, Matt Turley AKA Keyblade


9 thoughts on “SKM UK Extended Map V0.8.1.4

  1. Female Trucker

    Hi Guys.
    Please can you get this map to work with Rus Map as well as Promods?

  2. great job done two jobs no probs

  3. Mark (Eliximus)

    Works with pro-mods , after all one of most nice mods this year .

    1. How do you make it work with pro mods

  4. add the two maps in one profile

  5. yes done that but its crashed every time

  6. Hi there its a nice map but in hull there is a lip in the drive way of one of the company’s. I can not drive though to park the trailers. Please fix this.

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