Skoda SuperB 1.33 (Scout ExtraD)

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Features :

Most recent Scout model from TruckersMP.
New psychics.
Improved brakes. (Stopping is easy now)
Improved acceleration. (There isn’t sudden acceleration now)
Added MP Caravan trailer.

Thanks : TruckersMP


You must need official version of ZModeler 3 for open this. You can’t open pmd with ZModeler 3.1.2.



8 Responses to Skoda SuperB 1.33 (Scout ExtraD)

  1. edsor says:

    It’s a great mod. But the brakes are still too sensitive. It is necessary to be very careful when braking so that the motor does not turn off. I hope they correct this.

  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.33…

  3. Manik999 says:

    The best car mod that ETS 2 ever had
    9/10 car sound
    9/10 interior (would be 10/10 with possible addons)
    10/10 exterior
    8/10 driving physics

  4. OvidiuGeorge says:

    Hello sir!
    Why is it limited to 160?
    Otherwise the best mod with Skoda!

  5. Gavin J S Tranter says:

    Where is the caravan, because I have download this car and there was no caravan.

  6. KJK says:

    Love the mod only problem is wipers do not work. The hardly wipe of water

  7. wertousekCZE says:

    Why is the engine so freakin fast?! Can you please add slower engines?

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