Skoda SuperB 1.33 (Scout ExtraD)

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Features :

Most recent Scout model from TruckersMP.
New psychics.
Improved brakes. (Stopping is easy now)
Improved acceleration. (There isn’t sudden acceleration now)
Added MP Caravan trailer.

Thanks : TruckersMP


You must need official version of ZModeler 3 for open this. You can’t open pmd with ZModeler 3.1.2.



8 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB 1.33 (Scout ExtraD)

  1. It’s a great mod. But the brakes are still too sensitive. It is necessary to be very careful when braking so that the motor does not turn off. I hope they correct this.

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33…

  3. The best car mod that ETS 2 ever had
    9/10 car sound
    9/10 interior (would be 10/10 with possible addons)
    10/10 exterior
    8/10 driving physics

  4. OvidiuGeorge

    Hello sir!
    Why is it limited to 160?
    Otherwise the best mod with Skoda!

    1. Jakubborotin

      Because its taken out of the TruckerMp files

  5. Gavin J S Tranter

    Where is the caravan, because I have download this car and there was no caravan.

  6. Love the mod only problem is wipers do not work. The hardly wipe of water

  7. wertousekCZE

    Why is the engine so freakin fast?! Can you please add slower engines?

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