Skoda Superb 1.43

Škoda Superb B6 car mod including ownable and job market caravan trailer. Based on the Scout Extra_D from TruckersMP. The mod has been modified and improved in many aspects. The car can be bought at any non-modded truck dealer.



8 thoughts on “Skoda Superb 1.43

  1. 김재성의 지혜

    Is this the latest car?

  2. Korea #### you.

    I’m sorry, but this mode doesn’ Why is it like this?

  3. Korea is ######

    This mode is not good, I hate it.

  4. Beast 007

    There is no sound at all. Is anyone experiencing the same?

    1. yep, idk what is happening

  5. abi volvo sc90 yaparsın

  6. No sound

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