Skoda Superb only for 1.27

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This mod will add to the game the autonomous passenger car Scout (Skoda), which is sold in any show

1 cabin
1 chassis
2 engines 1.8L and 2.0L
1 kpp (6st)
Your salon
Their sounds
Small tuning
Does not support DLC Cabin Accesories
Work only on versions 1.27

Truckers -MP


8 thoughts on “Skoda Superb only for 1.27

  1. tigre-one

    game crash

    1. All works fine only version 1.27 and higher

  2. Skoda Superb with police siren:

  3. Skoda Superb with police siren:

  4. where the rest of the parts? why do you have attached the pseudo-names of car in singleplayer on the back side?

  5. Ayush rawat

    ETS2 the police serin

  6. czSTEFAN269

    How to download this?

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