Skoda Superb RS

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Skoda Superb RS Edıt By Emin Can

Features :
RS Chassis
RS Engine
RS İnterior
RS Rims And RS Modifications

Emin Can,TruckerMP


9 Responses to Skoda Superb RS

  1. FoxOnTheBox says:

    HD 60FPS Video tested on 1.27

    Very nice model and modifications, especially the rims.

  2. AModding says:

    Stolen mod! Original author is Sn00ky89! 🙂

  3. Emin Can says:

    Oops i forgot to add a name to my edit editor

  4. Emin Can says:

    I forgot to add a name

  5. lolol says:

    Rice rice baby

  6. Enes says:

    İngilizcede büyük i (İ) yoktur !

    “İnterior” değil Interior.!

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