Skoda SuperB RS Edit by Edgar V3

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– Adapted to 1.31
– Version Stock & RS
– Original Interior & RS
– Front Grill Changeable
– Fixed lights
– New transmission
– More power on chassis
– Double brakes
– Double of resistance and tire grip
– Double air resistance
– 500L deposit
– 6 & 7 Gearboxes
– Blue speedometer
– Rim pack with:
· Original Wheel biggest
· Rotiform BLQ-T
– 2.0 TSI Turbo 1000HP
– 2.0 TDI Turbo 1000HP

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9 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB RS Edit by Edgar V3

  1. What does “new transmission” mean? Does the automatic gear box finally work?

    1. EdgarMods

      The transmission is now of the Skoda of Ets2mp

  2. RiflerGamer

    Nice car. Test video:

  3. very accelerated, no brakes

    1. EdgarMods

      The car has double of brakes

  4. why would you invest so much time into something that is unplayable due the engine power? ###? add normal engines to it and next time you reply on comment asking about wheter the transmission is working, reply with f answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ! not ‘its the same as in MP’

    1. EdgarMods

      The transmission is from the Scout ExtraD from Multiplayer, so it’s from the port, and the engines, probably on next version I add more engines with less power

  5. In the workshop of steam have a few days ago a Skoda for version 1.31. Its author (Robi) says that he has fixed the automatic gearbox and added new realistic engines. I’m saying that if anyone cares.

    1. EdgarMods

      Ok, it will be good if it’s fixed now, for future versions of the mod, to fix bugs

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