Skoda SuperB RS Xtreme

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– Adapted to 1.31
– Version Stock & RS
– Front Grill Changeable
– Double brake
– Double of resistance and tire grip
– Double air resistance
– Half of weight
– 500L deposit
– 7 gears
– Black Skoda logo
– Tinted lights
– Blue speedometer
– RS blue
– Rim pack with:
· Original Wheel biggest
· Rotiform BLQ-T
– 1.8 TSI Turbo (650HP)
– 2.0 TDI Turbo (650HP)

The Edgar Gaming


30 thoughts on “Skoda SuperB RS Xtreme

  1. Looks cool ! Can you do a Skoda Superb adapted for 1.31 with ALL engines ? (Look my reupload you will know it) but in better please ?

    1. EdgarMods

      I do my Skoda SuperB RS Edit with 1.8 TSI Turbo and 2.0 TDI Turbo motors, which have 650HP, and has more power

  2. hangi galeride

    1. EdgarMods

      All dealers

  3. I have a question whether you will do fashion for ets2 Ford Mondeo Mk3 Estate for version 1.31 because it has not been and there is no

  4. And I thought, that´s a Truck Simulator, not GTA or something else.
    When this #### will finally stop…

    1. What is you’re problem? If you hate car mods then don’t even look at them. Noone is forcing you to use the car mods..

      Btw Edgar, This mod is good!

    2. EdgarMods

      I know this is not GTA, but it’s also good to have cars, although it’s not a racing game

    3. ScaniaNextGenS730

      gta isnt a racing game too

    4. EdgarMods

      I didn’t say that gta is a racing game, I just said that euro truck simulator is not a racing game, but I like cars like this Skoda although it is a truck game.

      1. Exactly, these people may not appreciate your work, personally I love having the choice of driving cars in the game, the site is full of moaners giving out about something because they have absolutely nothing better to do with their time. Well I appreciate your work, keep it up friend

    5. luckyhunter

      if you don’t like it don’t download it it’s simple, if you don’t download the mod don’t share your opinion here bc nobody will care about it 🙂

      1. EdgarMods


    6. And GTA is not a game about policing, but there are still mods like LSPDFR

  5. Heaven and Hell

    I ‘m sick and tired of all ###### ##### modders who cannot understand one simple ####### thing: That this site is for TRUCKS ONLY and not for racing or whatever things that don’t have to do with trucks. Everyday i see different modders who like uploading stolen or fake mods and modders who don’t care if this site is for truckers only, the only thing they care is REPUTATION mostly & MONEY!!!!

    1. EdgarMods

      OK, I know it’s not a racing game, but there are also mods of cars, buses, and I do these mods simply because I like to do them, and I don’t earn money.

    2. DeGelderseTrucker

      Then why there is a ******* thing named ”Cars” on the website?! Can you explain??

  6. johnboy32115

    Euro TRUCK simulator 2.

    NOT Euro CAR simulator 2.

    NOT Euro BUS simulator 2.

    Euro TRUCK simulator 2 MODS ( the name of this site ).

    NOT Euro TRUCK / CAR / BUS simulator 2 mods.

    There is a clue in the word TRUCK as to what this simulator is all about.

    1. DeGelderseTrucker

      It’s also not Euro johnboy32115 Simulator 2.

    2. Ich verstehe echt nicht warum sich hier einige daran aufhängen, das des öfteren PKW und Busse als Mods auftauchen! Auch wenn es 10mal Euro Truck Simulator heißt, es geht einfach auch um ein wenig Abwechslung! Ganz ehrlich, wem das nicht gefällt – der muß es doch nicht runterladen. Spart euch einfach die Kommentare, es gibt sicherlich genug Leute die nicht so engstirnig denken und sich nicht zwangsläufig am Namen des Spiels festhalten!!!

      1. because soon there will be mods from #ed MineCraft!!!

      2. Heaven and Hell

        Is that so? Then why don’t you guys make your own website with cars only and name it ”CAR SIMULATOR” and leave this site alone?

  7. Toyota Supra pleaseee!!!!

  8. ets2modtester

    can you add a roof box option? what would be amazing 😀

    1. ets2modtester


    2. EdgarMods

      Yes, that would be amazing, but at the moment I can’t put it

  9. Why isn’t it working on 1.31?

    Its in my mod folder but when i start the game up it crashes….

  10. STOP REPRODUCTING this #ed #### at this site !!!!
    This is Truck mods site you #ed kidy 1d!ots!!!

  11. More kids modders in July and August! 🙁
    Bad community!

  12. STAHP, get some help

    To all people bitching about car/bus mods cause “it’s truck simulator”: Do you really think that it is worth your time, and anybody’s else? Do you think that those modders who create those mods, will stop just cause you told them to? Do you think they even care much about comments like: ‘I ‘m sick and tired of all ###### ##### modders who cannot understand one simple ####### thing: That this site is for TRUCKS ONLY[…]’? Come on guys, don’t be toxic and leave comments that are actually comments on mod itself (e.g. ‘I like this mod, you made it really good’ or ‘I don’t like this mod, it is lacking some textures’), not on your personal opinion which mods should be made and which not cause nobody will ####### care about it while uploading/making another car/bus mod.

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