Skoda Superb RS

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The handling is now better & car is stable on very high speeds!!
This mod will add to the game the autonomous passenger car Scout (Skoda), which is sold in any show
1 cabin
1 chassis
2 engines 1.8L and 2.0L
1 kpp (6st)
Your salon
Their sounds
Small tuning
Does not support DLC Cabin Accesories
Work only on versions 1.27

Truckers -MP, Crazy Squirrel


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5 thoughts on “Skoda Superb RS

  1. My correction for the error via the camera settings in the log file. This error is so far in every Skoda superb mod available (not only in these).

    Here my repairt “interior_skoda_superb.sii”

  2. thanks for this but please, can someone make Skoda Yeti!

  3. Digital odometer shows 95 km and analog displays 180 km!
    Why it is like that? Which is true?

  4. YASSS! Finally, they brought this back!

  5. namelessclone

    This is still a v1.0 from 2016, even older than the one on Steam Workshop.
    All data inside the mod is from 13.05.2016 or older, including all pmg files that would need to be converted to the new version.
    So the part of the description claiming it “Work only on versions 1.27” is clearly false and misleading.

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