Slot for the Mercedes SK by XBS

These are some slots I made for the Mercedes SK by XBS. There are slots for both cabin versions and all bumper variants, so you can always put your lights on this truck.
Please note that none of the lights and accesoiries in the picture are included, because I simply didn’t make those. But all of your favourite mods will work with those slots. If you activate my mod above any of Jetta’s accessory mods, you get the modified mudflaps with mercedes text (click the Scania mudflap).

Have fun with this small mod

and plz don’t reupload it, thanks.

– Polltrans_ets2 (follow my mediocre insta ;))



2 thoughts on “Slot for the Mercedes SK by XBS

  1. Great Mod Polltrans. Please make another Mod for interior assists Points. Love your Modifikation. Thanks a lot and Drive carefully👍

  2. Cthulhu13

    Yep great mod mate,do you plan on adding some slots on the grill?

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