Slovnaft Combo Pack


– Trailer is Standalone
– Truck skin is on MAN E6 by MaDster v 1.4 & 1.5
– Paintjob is worked on XLX cabin
Tested on version 1.22

Enjoy ! 🙂

Authors: Paul, Grepo, TZ_Express, MDModding, Fred_be


9 thoughts on “Slovnaft Combo Pack

  1. you need to add author who has given you permission to block the trailer???
    These authors TZ_Express, MDModding, Fred_be not allow you to lock their works
    I remember I can unlock and reload the unlocked trailer???

    1. Here is fix link

      I accidentally put the wrong download link, we did one more version and one I have locked…

      1. I have already sent admins fix link

        1. Thank you for the warning !

          1. ciao Grepo I’m sorry I thought that the author was Paul
            I have nothing against you but the law is equal for everyone

          2. Paul make this skins, I made only small adjustments

  2. Grepo, What events in the tuning mod you used ? Give the link , if not difficult)))

      1. Thx))

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