Slow PC Traffic density and Speed Limits for 1.22


This mod made specially for slow PC with g_traffic 1
This package contain two mods

SlowPC_TDS with increased truck speedlimits up to 90kph, and adjusted traffic density coefficients for slow pc.
SlowPC_TDSHarsh – same as SlowPC_TDS, but added AI overtake on local road with single and double lines on road,
and decrease AI safety and patience for more aggresive AI traffic.



8 thoughts on “Slow PC Traffic density and Speed Limits for 1.22

  1. vitaliy7735

    Спасибо, то что нужно!!! С наступающим Вас!!!

  2. ciao Piva you can upgrade the interior lights for daf 50k v.3.3.1 and for all trucks?
    thank you
    ciao ???

  3. My mod published someone else 😀

  4. Traffic Density and Speed Limits for 1.22 UPDATE please.

    I have less traffic.

  5. hi I update my game to 1.22.There is not traffic on my game.pls help me

  6. hi.I update my game to 1.22. there is not traffic in my game. pls help me

  7. thank you so much!!!:)

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