Slow PC Traffic density and Speed Limits for 1.22


This mod made specially for slow PC with g_traffic 1
This package contain two mods

SlowPC_TDS with increased truck speedlimits up to 90kph, and adjusted traffic density coefficients for slow pc.
SlowPC_TDSHarsh – same as SlowPC_TDS, but added AI overtake on local road with single and double lines on road,
and decrease AI safety and patience for more aggresive AI traffic.

If you want traffic density mod for fast PC, you can download it from

Author: piva


9 thoughts on “Slow PC Traffic density and Speed Limits for 1.22

  1. can you make a mod for slower AI, thoguh 90km is real speed, in ETS2 it looks way too fast for curvy highways such ets2 are in.
    maybe 80kmh limit would be nice on highways, 60kmh on motorways, for tucks. 45kmh in the city.
    – so to make global speeds both for trucks and cars to decrease?
    thank you!

    1. You can not use this mod, and regulate traffic density by g_traffic variable, so you get real speedlimits from the game

  2. this mod work on 1.21 version ?

    1. no. 1.22 only.

  3. Where the g_traffic file in the game?

    1. in game console

  4. DerTuerko

    is this mod compatible with promods?

  5. (: Меня начал объезжать трафик сзади когда я остановился на дороге.Трафик очень классный,наконец нашёл отличный трафик для игры.

  6. Hello piva,
    I like your mod, but it’s not working correctly in updated 1.23 version. It caused buses to dissappear. Can you fix it and update it please?

    Maybe I have a request for you. I like traffic’s speeding, realistic speed limits etc. But I have slow PC so I’d like to have default traffic density, but behaving HARSH like in you mod – speeding and overtaking without patience (cause it happens in real life more then often).

    Thank you for your answer 🙂

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