Small Map v1.0

The small map is added.

– A lot of grass
– Road bridges (two bridges)
– Train Bridge
– A tall building
– 75-110 km distance (very small)

Recommended graphics:
HDR: on
Vegetation Detail and Density: High
Texture: Medium or High

Optional graphics:
Shadows textures: High (for 3,8 GB RAM)
Shadows; Ultra or High (for 4.00 GB RAM)
Depth of field: on (for 4.5+ GB RAM), off (for under 4,5 GB RAM)
Sun Shining: On/Off
Color correction: on/off (no lag)
This mod is uploaded on 24/03/2017 at 20:35:43
The image is an example for the map editor.

No Copyright…It’s uploaded by me

Link to SCS Extractor is down.

Tips to get map editor:
1) Download SCS Extractor
2) Create a new folder and rename to base
3) Move scs extractor to base folder
4) Click on base.scs and press CTRL+X and open the base folder and CTRL+V
5) Open the scs extractor (IMPORTANT!!!! Do not close the Command Line, this command line is closing after maximum 20 minutes)
6) Press on the base.scs and CTRL+X
7) CTRL+V on the primary ETS2 folder


DOWNLOAD 109 KB [scs extractor]

4 thoughts on “Small Map v1.0

  1. What is the meaning of this by the way.
    A non finished project ?
    I have installed it ( 1.27 ) and there is nothing.

    ( See Screens shot )

    1. Joham It looks like you need to run it through the map editor not directly in game.I did not download to check.

  2. i dont have the base.scs :-(+why?

  3. bancik0844

    how cant i get base.scs

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