Smarter Opticruise Gearboxes for Scania New Gen 2016 R & S

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For ETS2 1.33 , 1.34 versions.

This mod polishes the logics of adaptive transmission, which is quite poor in ETS2. A little software update for Opticruise…
The gear shifting points – both upshifts and downshifts – were accurately calculated from the engine torque curves and power curves, and ratios of transmissions. The behavior of these Opticruise transmissions is much closer to reality while driving.
Try it out, just drive with all positions of the accelerator pedal, and Opticruise will really adapt to you. For best result try “High power” in the settings of Adaptive automatic transmission type.

To take advantage of Smarter Opticruise in ETS2, you must these two step:

1. step: In the game menu goto Options – Controls, and set the Transmission to Real Automatic, and choose one of Adaptive automatic transmission type (Economy – Normal power – High power).

2. step: Visit a service, and update the software of Opticruise:

2.1 step: In the truck configurator first select your desired (Nm-HP) engine with blue “Smarter Opticruise” subtitle on the icon.

2.2 step: In the truck configurator second select your desired (GRS-O, 905-925, axle ratio) transmission with blue “Smarter Opticruise” subtitle on the icon.

2.3 step: In the truck configurator third click “Confirm order” button.

The software update of Opticruise is ready. Enjoy…


Place this mod above any mods what touch the engine’s.sii, because the main parameters of Opticruise transmissions in this engine’s.sii files.

Always change first your engine and second your transmission in pair, because all engine have their default transmission, which not sure your favorite.


If you play with keyboard and want to control more accurately the pedals of your truck, I reccommend for you my other mod called “Analog pedals with keyboard for ETS2” at


Scanreg, SCS


4 thoughts on “Smarter Opticruise Gearboxes for Scania New Gen 2016 R & S

  1. In a real life Opticruise you may disable the automatic shift. Is that possible in this mod?

  2. It is possible without this mod also with this mod in ETS2.
    In “Keys and Buttons” screen of Options menu there is a function called “Gearbox Swith Automatic/Sequential” which may configure any buttons/keyboard key. You may hit this key or button anytime while driving your truck.
    The gearbox will switch between Automatic and Sequential mode. The indicator on the dashboard feedback these modes of gearbox with “A” letter (Automatic) and “M” letter (Manual). In Manual mode the automatic shifting is disabled.
    If you want to re-enable automatic shifting just hit the configured Gearbox Swith Mode key/button once again in Manual mode.

    1. Thx for your reply. I’m using a G29 wheel and a H-shifter. May H-shifter be used instead for Sequential mode?

      1. I haven`t knowledge about H shifter, i play ETS2 with keyboard. My setup for Gearbox mode change is “Right Control” key on keyboard under my thumb of my right hand, and hit if necessary.
        Your problem is independent from my mod.

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