Solar guard + interior update’s


This mod contains the solar guard, curtains, interior table (visible from in and outside), 2 poppy’s on table, super logo in the front of the table, also 2 lightplates behind the frontwindow, red interior light.

Authors: Gerben de Mos (on facebook) Picture by Steinar vd Poll


15 Responses to Solar guard + interior update’s

  1. Andy says:

    dose it come with that steering wheel?

  2. Nils says:

    Cool,but can you make this for DAF?! It´s very cool pls make this for DAF it´s very nice!:)

  3. Gerben says:

    Hey, no the steering wheel is download able on other sites, it’s comming for daf in the future

  4. Gerben says:

    Hey, no the steering wheel is made by Peerke, and not downloadable on this site i gues, and for daf its comming soon

  5. Nils says:

    Hey cool can you make the GPS left from table? Cool for DAf Thanks!:D

  6. Scaniadriver says:

    Hey thats a cool one – but is it possible to get this with a laptop and a coffee machine?(for scania by the way 😉 lol)
    greets scaniadriver

  7. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Knap staaltje werk kerel, erg mooi gedaan, zou je dit ook voor Volvo en DAF kunnen maken?


    Freddy Jimmink

  8. Nico says:

    Waar kan ik dit vinden, heb het geinstalleerd maar kan het niet vinden, wat moet je kopen of veranderen

    Alvats bedank

  9. dead100 says:

    ik heb er in gezet maar hij doet het niet help?

  10. Peter says:

    It don´t work for me,is there any special way to get it work?

  11. V8TimV8 says:

    how to turn the lights on

  12. holmsgaard1702 says:

    gerben were can i download the steering wheel

  13. Tim Gebhardt says:

    hi can one of you create a scania interior mod
    ,where man can set up everything myself. the whole cabine.who is that,
    please PN.

    [email protected]

  14. Danko says:

    Will you give me a link to the steering wheel?

  15. reece says:

    great mod but could you make it so the lights in the sun visor are orange and make it so you can change the colour of it for scania that would be good keep up the good work

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