Eddie Stobart – Scania Skin


My first skin for game, although not perfect it represents the real Stobart skin pretty well i think.

Author: F1U5H


12 thoughts on “Eddie Stobart – Scania Skin

  1. What a #### mod

    LOL look at the wrap, its mirrored! ####

    1. What a #### comm

      LOL look at the comment, its poorly written! Brap

  2. brilliant , ive been waiting for one for ages!

  3. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, please take note that the description clearly says that this is not a perfect copy of the original,

    so kindly keep your rude and obnoxious comments to your self.

  4. Give the guy a break its his first mod. Its not a bad attempt at all. Much better than alot Ive seen

    1. thanks for that guys, hope you can enjoy using it, as there are not too many stobart skins out there.

      im working on the rest of the trucks aswell so pretty soon there will be a stobart skin for all trucks,

      1. for the first skin good job F1U5H

        Im useing stobart trailer

        waiting for the next skin for my stobart trailers

        TYVery Much

      2. hi mate me again , could you do please make a wains transport skin…you know the tipper conpany? it would be much appreciated as they are my favourite haulage firm.


        1. Ill give it my best go and post it before Friday m8

          1. thanks alot buddy 🙂

          2. are you doing the wains skin mate?

  5. Valenta lad

    fantastic bud 🙂

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