Sound Mod Integration v 2.0


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– Compatible with 1.11.x game versions
– The Sound for all Trucks

– Step 1: Open ‘game_data.sii’ in the mode you used
– Step 2: Search ‘interior_sound_volume:’
– Step 3: Please edit:
Interior_sound_volume: 0.5
Interior_sound_pitch: 0.5
– Step 4: Save
– Step 5: Copy zzzzzzzzzz_Sound Mod Integration_v2.0.scs
– Step 6: Paste zzzzzzzzzz_Sound Mod Integration_v2.0.scs in ‘My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod’ folder

Author: Hemil


5 Responses to Sound Mod Integration v 2.0

  1. simoschmitz says:

    Nice dude but work it more…tell me please what’s it called the mod that when the driver brakes going forward with the body Thank you 😉

  2. fou says:

    I don’t understand what the 1st part mean : – Step 1: Open ‘game_data.sii’ in the mode you used
    Where is this file found in the first place ? 😮

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