Sound pack for all trucks incl. Scania V8 Open pipe (V2)


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I want to share the sound mod I created, now I improved some volumes, added the new MB Actros and also a new Sound for Scania V8 Engines with open pipes. The V8 sound is only valid for SCS Scania R + Streamline.

– Realistic indiviual blinker sounds
– Sounds are quite similar to each other and only vary in volumes of turbo fans or exhaust sounds
– New Scania V8 sound based on kriechbaum’s mod with various edits from me
– Some new environmental and mover sounds
– Lowered volume of ferry and train sounds
– Raised volume and tweaked cabin sounds

I mashed up, edited and tweaked only existing sounds. Base file created by “Stewen”.
All Credits go to: Stewen, Bra2S, paulnice, kriechbaum, Stas556, Knox_xxs, Lamandus, Icemann29
I just brought all the existing stuff together.

drholz, Stewen, Bra2S, paulnice, kriechbaum, Stas556, Knox_xxs, Lamandus, Icemann29


13 Responses to Sound pack for all trucks incl. Scania V8 Open pipe (V2)

  1. aleksey says:

    Oтличные звуки.Мoлoдец!Сразу виднo,чтo челoвек старался.

  2. TodoMundoLocko says:


  3. Anton says:

    It shall work on 1.17 ?

  4. Uwe says:

    Hello drholz,
    many thanks for this awesome Soundcompilation!
    I love it and i use it only.
    My Trucks sounds now like real Trucks!!!
    Many thanks also to all the modders who worked on it.
    Use it with Promods 1.95 and Poland Rebuild without any hazle.
    Fantastic Job ….

  5. Ghostrider-67 says:

    A little trick for new MAN TGX Euro-6
    1- Open scs file and find def/man.tgx folder
    2- Copy that folder to your desktop and rename it as \man.tgx_euro6\
    3- Open this new folder and open sound/exterior.sii
    Then change first line from \man.tgx.sound\ to man.tgx_euro6.sound\ and save it before closing.
    4- Make same thing for sound/interior.sii file too.
    5- Now open drholz sound mod scs file again, open def/vehicle/truck and put your \man.tgx_euro6\ folder here from your desktop and select \Store\ on winrar window then approve it.

    Now you can use this beautiful mod for the new MAN TGX EURO-6 too 😉

  6. 1203 says:

    Отличная работа!Спасибо!!!

  7. Arthas says:

    Is it supposed to work in the mod version?

  8. Toni says:

    Hopefully you update this mod for 1.19? Been really good mod, but there’s new cabin sounds..

  9. drholz says:

    It will be updated when SCS releases stable version of 1.19

  10. Toni says:

    Great news. Thx a lot

  11. Raven_2012 says:

    Does this work in 1.19 and if not is it still bring worked on to be updated?


  12. ronny says:

    make it work for Scania New gen plz…….

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