Sound Pack V4.0


Now the sounds of truck pack are in a separate mod.
That is the new pack of TlesGames trucks that yet to come, will no longer have the different sounds of the engines of trucks.
So you can use the Trucks Pack and use some other sound in the truck of your choice.

Jean Pierre(TlesGames)


4 Responses to Sound Pack V4.0

  1. G.Flater says:


  2. felipe says:

    changes the sound to all the trucks?

  3. Damian says:

    Nie pobiore do puki nie zobacze tego na filmie 😛 chociaż nie wiem może pobiore i jak mnie w ch*** zrobicie to was oskarze 😛

  4. danny says:

    it dont work for 1.19 on steam

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