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– Processed sound engines for all trucks default (volume, added different drones, sounds gravel, etc.)
– Sounds of the environment (nature, city movers, equipment, facilities, traffic etc.)
– Reduced volume yawning
– Added new sounds scania v8 ver6 from kriechbaum
– Reconfigured / processed sounds of the interior sounds are quieter, deeper, and “softer”

Add as well that need to be completely happy in the file def / game_data.sii change the values ​​of the rows
interior_sound_volume: 0.05
interior_sound_pitch: 1.0

Authors: Stewen, Kriechbaum, Stas556, Knox_xxs, Lamandus


10 thoughts on “Sound Pack

  1. Hey!!! Where is me in the credits?????!!!!!!!

  2. MidniteTrain

    I already have a sound mod complete with engines, traffic and so on but most importantly it has the tire sound as well. So what makes this mod different??

    1. I have the Sound Pack v 2.0 and you?

      1. This one is the version 3 and it has all the things ver 2 does but it is “harder, faster, better, stronger”

        1. thanks

  3. You say -this one is version 3. sorry budy this one is harder faster worse and not really creative. The Iveco sound is now not good. The MAN sound ist really bad. Maybe you makes it a joy to me with the next version 4

  4. Ghostrider67

    Very good mod, i use it since first version. You forgot interior turbo sound again 🙁

  5. nice mod sound great, i hav jus download the new scaniamegastore 1.4 for 1.14 and now it crashes to decktop wen i try to use tag n midlifts, is there any way u could patch this mod so it work, would like to keep this mod.i am jus learn hav to make mod, started make own skins, but changing sound i cant do yet lol. thx

  6. lol excuse my spelling

  7. Any chance you could update this for the new DAF E6?

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