Sound Scania R and RLJ Only V8


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Tested in V 1.20.X new Engine Brake and more….!!!

By Tincho!!!


12 thoughts on “Sound Scania R and RLJ Only V8

  1. RJL is no RLJ. 🙂

  2. Where is the scs file?
    which file is for mod file?

  3. Can you explain how the hell to use it, no scs file, no explanation whatsoever, thank you…

    1. Install Zip archive to a folder Mod

  4. Shaunus82

    How the hell do you use this? Where do you put the files? Why is there no scs file?

  5. By tincho!!!


  6. well loks ok but any chance to make one more realistik
    whit out that brake noise
    i would say it’s to much
    need just engine V8 sound
    king regards by chance

  7. Faelandaea

    Does this by chance work with the RJL? I do not have the RLJ mod, but am quite happy with the RJL mod and would rather use custom sounds with that instead 🙂

  8. Mario Noveno

    Very Nice

  9. TY for sharing

    I think is not working in v1.20. 1.19 was ok

  10. hey super v8 sound because you’ve done , there’s a way to for all Scania engines create sound mfg mario

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