Sound Truck v 3.5


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Sound Scania R, T, Streamline, RJL and Volvo FH 16 2009&2012.
In v.3.5:
– added sounds of gravel and grass;
– included a warning sound to go on the road edge.

Base sound odd_fellow, MAKO 76, upgrade SlavikSD

Authors: odd_fellow, MAKO 76, SlavikSD


4 Responses to Sound Truck v 3.5

  1. PolizesMod says:

    Starting nope

  2. thimic51 says:

    crash my game maybe with Engine Sound Mod by Icemann29

  3. Trucker_Bob says:

    … and outside the cabin please!

  4. Anonim1 says:

    Can anyone, or you maybe…
    To create/ add alert or danger sound when driving the truck more than 100km/h (or more maybe)?
    Like a “beep” sound or anything sound that indicate you was run more than 100km/h(example)
    Not the police damage when you driving truck more than the speed limit wkwkw

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