Sounds for Motorcycle Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.3

personalized sound for Motorcycle Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.3.
version 1.3:
-added 2 new sounds for the new Ducati
-reworked 2 other sounds
you need to original mod found here:
my mod shall have higher priority on load order

Cipinho, Jazzycat


4 Responses to Sounds for Motorcycle Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 1.3

  1. yaris066 says:

    please create on modell cycle from Honda goldwing 1800, please, tanks from winger

  2. Cipinho says:

    when jazzycat will add it to the pack I will create a sound for it đŸ˜‰

    • Trucker_Schmitt says:

      Hello ‘Cip’, at first my big thanks to you and to jazzycat for creating such wonderful mods, now even added ‘sounds’, that’s really great and a cool enrichment for the whole simulation.
      I have noted a point which I like to ask you to think about it and maybe you are able to ‘tune’ it:
      Driving my truck in exterior view (Keyboard 2 for example), I can hear the roaring sound of motorbikes – like it so much (same is for the classic cars), BUT if I drive in interior view (cab-view. keyboard 1) then I hear nothing when a motorbike is passing by – only silence (except my truck’s engine sound).
      Any way for to fix that?
      Many thanks in advance……..

      • JoachimK says:

        Use the Open Window Mod (loud) from DriveSafely. You find him on Steam.

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