South Korea Offroad Map v1.2


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ETS2 South Korea Offroad Map v1.2 : 2015-04-04

New in v1.2:
ㆍCity name change(Because Technical reasons)
ex) busan -> busan_hj, 부산 -> Busan_hj or BUSAN_HJ
ㆍredeveloped 3 Offroads
ㆍAdded 3 Cities, 5 Offroads
ㆍTotal 15 Cities, 22 Offroads

ㆍ Compatible : ETS2 v1.16
ㆍ QnA :
ㆍ File Name : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_offroad.scs

step 1. Copy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_offroad.scs
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder
Paste zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_offroad.scs



11 Responses to South Korea Offroad Map v1.2

  1. fredy says:

    Thanks, any possibility of release with disabled traffic?

    • Hemil says:

      If there is no traffic on the road, The driver is lonely.
      And It is fun to overtake traffic.

      If possible, I created a road to generate a lot of traffic.

  2. Hemil says:


    There will be a mod of reducing the traffic.

    Please use the mod.

  3. Hemil says:


    In config.cfg

    uset g_developer “1”

    uset g_console “1”


    In game

    Press ` key( 1 key left )

    No traffic => Type “g_traffic 0”

    With traffic => Type “g_traffic 1”

  4. fredy says:

    Thanks, Hemil, I test it.

  5. Karel says:

    This is one of the craziest maps ever made, even with my Kraz 255 I almost peeed in my pants…nice work

  6. sukamto says:

    will you fix the wall of the hill which obstruct the road, certainly traffic car can pass it, but the vehicle i drive cant pass it, thanks

  7. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a couple of deliveries completed with the map.
    I wanted to try something different….

    Gangneung_hj to Kiel 1540k run
    (With the help Of Promods v1.91)

    Gangneung_hj to Tartu 2044km run
    (With the help Of Promods v1.91)

  8. rituraj.acquarian says:

    Hi Hemil,

    This is awesome map! Good work bro! I loved your map v1.1 and played it with TSM and Russia Map on v1.16.2s

    But now when i try to play this v.1.2 woth 1.16.2s , the map doesnt load.
    I went to Calais Port but it only shows DOVER. No other option.


  9. Sopa says:

    which mod has wheels for offroad ? i cant find , even if i find it does not work ! help!!

  10. DanTheMan says:

    hey, i have this map and i like how much there is to explore, i did a quick drive on it here if you want to check it out,

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