Southampton Race way (Alpha) 0.1


Do u want to drive like a mad man?
If yes then come straight down to the new Southampton race tack it fun for the whole family.
hello and welcome,this is my new map what is been built just out side of Southampton its a basically a fun little track with a repair place,fuel stop and a rest area it also come with a company what u can pick jobs up for and bring stuff into the race track.

comment any ideas, roast me if u dare!!!and any ideas you’ve got for me to improve it in the future. Also please do not re-upload this mod!! ?



9 thoughts on “Southampton Race way (Alpha) 0.1

  1. does this mod work with other maps ie pro mods mario etc etc

    1. BradzGaming1

      Hi Tom313 i have try promods mod and it worked don’t 100% know it the other map will but the best idear is top make it the top mod

  2. Samuraiboo14

    where do you go on the map?

    1. BradzGaming1

      Hi samuraiboo14 it should be east of Southampton but if its not there then make sure the map is at the top of the mods list

  3. Drive Safely

    Need to do some sound and truck testing so this race track with a long straight road would be perfect! Thanks 🙂

    1. BradzGaming1

      Hi Drive safely right now it’s in alpha so im taking any idear so u might be in luck.✌✌?

  4. No Dlc??

    1. BradzGaming1

      Hi QQRRTT u need both dlc

  5. AFExploration

    great idea, but can we have a more inspiring track please, your idea is great just the circuit needs to be more challenging

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