Southampton Race way (Beta) 0.2

Do u want to drive like a mad man?
If yes then come straight down to the new Southampton race tack it fun for the whole family.
hello and welcome,this is my new map what is been built just out side of Southampton its a basically a fun little track with a repair place,fuel stop and a rest area it also come with a company what u can pick jobs up for and bring stuff into the race track.

comment any ideas, roast me if u dare!!!and any ideas you’ve got for me to improve it in the future. Also please do not re-upload this mod!! ?



5 thoughts on “Southampton Race way (Beta) 0.2

  1. Very good job,work perfect.Try and for another map mod!

  2. work with promods??

    1. Bradzgaming


  3. Adrian G.

    Does this map load after or before Promods files in the load manager ? Asking because of possible sectors overlapping on the world map and in-game.

  4. Kennyk108

    it doesn’t show up in mod manager

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