Southern Region Map v 4.0.0


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Update modification “Southern Region” to version 4.0.0

This update adds three cities, namely, Tuapse, Hadyzhensk, Maikop, as well as new settlements
Three new road infrastructure with an interesting and beautiful mountain landscape, one of which passes through
famous Shahumyan Pass!

The list of changes:
Added new city
-New Signs
Added new road
* Added a new icon on the map, namely, “The idle traffic”
-Sglazheny Twists and contraction / expansion of the road
-Place Improved nature
-Place Altered road markings
-Many Minor tweaks

This update is recommended for use on powerful PC!

-Connect Updated profile
-Set Higher priority for updating so that the list
Active versions upgrade is above the main card

Version 1.19.x



16 Responses to Southern Region Map v 4.0.0

  1. geoff1 says:

    video please

  2. Kirill says:

    This location is compatible with RusMap?

  3. MTL Torsten says:

    Hmm…. Crashed wen i startet the Game.
    It´s kompatible with other Maps from this Side ???=

  4. geoff1 says:

    can any maps be added to this and any mod packs

  5. SimKA says:

    [Google Translate]
    If you download this map here, then remove the old version of the map by setting a new one. Connect the downloaded file from here to the old version of the map is not required!

  6. geoff1 says:

    can other maps be added or is it stadalone

    • ACAB says:

      Watch the video…it’s a standalone map. New profile needed.

  7. GeorgeP. says:

    Cool,i live in Tuapse.

  8. Human says:

    can pack .scs file smaller next time and please if possible make so then if open base map then shows only this region map. and yes make speed ticket and so on price smaller

  9. tonyk says:

    What scale is the map?

  10. soneje says:

    The map is crashed on version

  11. Theosz says:

    I install in v1.20, select don.mdb but when starts do not have dots to I can select the first city to travel. I see only the names.

    • Theosz says:

      ow. TY Mr.GermanTruck . I should see your video previously.

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