Southern Region Map v 6.0.0 [1.26] [upd: 03.01.17]

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Update 6.0.0

-Added new Locality(cities, villages): Gelendzhik, Karachaevsk, Upper Mara, Teberda, Dombay, Nadzhigo, Khadjiko, Ashe, Mammadov slit Lazorevskoe, Rostov-na-Donu, Belaya Kalitva, Morozovsk
-A partially / fully modified Locality: Novorossiysk, Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar, Krymsk
-Support the game together with the map “ProMods” and “RusMap”
-Improved performance
-New metal bumpers with the correct collision and road reflectors (standart CD-5)
-Replaced most road signs for the new standart
-Created new road signs for more realistic look and informative context
-Improved some pointers
-Created new glare-free “Russian Standart” traffic lights (only generated on the territory of Russia (including “RusMap” and Russian territory of “ProMods”)
-Created effect of retroreflectivity for traffic signs (only those that represented on “Southern Region”)
-Created new logistics centers (bases)
-Created Reflectors CD-6 CD-5, CD-1 (on the balustrades, signal poles)
-Created new, more realistic traffic lights to replace some of the previously applicable standard
-Large (visual) changes on all roads
-Created new forest ecosystems
-Added new attractions, improved old
-Corrected a large number of roads in respect of certain aspects of quality of detail
-Corrected movement on the “custom” prefabs of circular movement, and now traffic is moving strictly on signs
-Corrected most of the problems reported by users
-Corrected generation license plates when buying a car (the region has a normal size)
-Corrected and balanced trucks showrooms
-The set of “cosmetic” changes in the gaming world
-Many Other technical improvements

Compatibility: the map RusMap at least 1.7.1, map ProMods at least 2.15, packs of cargo traffic from Jazzycat, weather modification

Not compatible: modifications that change the season of the year(spring,autumn,winter)

For game version: 1.26
Required DLC: “Going East”,”Scandinavia”,”Vive La France”

1.Download all 5 Parts of the map, when all parts downloaded use a 7zip (programm) click on a PART 1 file, choose EXTRACT and wait, files will unpack automatically. All 5 files at the same time must be downloaded and located in the same folder.
2. Put all four SCS decompressed file in the folder My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod.
3. Connect all the files in the mod manager according to the ReadMe file

The fixes for those who have no additions will be later
At the moment the download speed is low because of the huge load on the exchanger

RusMap, SimKA, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD,TZ, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, Sergei Afanasev, Vladzz-G.

DOWNLOAD 500 MB Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

50 Responses to Southern Region Map v 6.0.0 [1.26] [upd: 03.01.17]

  1. Joe the gamer says:

    Guys, i gotta tell you ALL that before complaining with stuff like “it crashes my game” and so on MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE DLCS! (North, East and France). The map seems to be the best so far according to the videos i have seen, but i can’t use it because i don’t have the DLC France! 🙁 It would be SOOO good if it would work without France! 🙁

  2. VladRus says:

    Do we need Rusmap for it?

  3. biggy smalley says:

    After watching youtube videos it looks like many kilometers of not much more than dirt roads and trees followed by many kilometers of paved roads and trees. Cities are sparse and boring like the roads.
    Sorry not worth the huge download. No offense meant. Keep trying. Many speed limit signs on twisty mountain dirt roads look strange.

  4. todor says:

    HELLO ask you without France I’ll leave you Mapa

  5. Sogard3 says:

    Files corrupted! Downloaded 2 times…

    • Joseph says:

      Files not corrupt , try to unzip them in a computer that works properly , otherwise the files will keep give you crc errors , so the problem is the pc’s not the files , hope i contribute with something here , cheers and have fun

  6. jacky says:

    Qu’elle est l’ordre des mods pour promods ? merçi

  7. ludvick says:

    Will this map work with Russian Open Spaces too?

  8. sory87 says:

    work with Russian Open Spaces ?

  9. Piratxxx11 says:

    Nice.. HATERS- shut up!!
    Work WITH ProMods, Work With Rus Map, not work to EU by MHA.. Rus Map-need to connect…
    Nice scenery, nice “hard routes”… GOOD MOD..

  10. Andris says:

    Load order with Promods+Balhans+Rusmap+SRmap please!!!!!!

    • Schumi059 says:

      The order is in the Readme. No work with Russia Open Spaces.

      • ludvick says:

        “No work with Russia Open Spaces.”

        That’s not good news… Maybe Author will make these maps compatible or somewone will make a patch…

  11. Overdog says:

    First file is corrupted. Downloaded 5 times…. Reload part 1 please.

    • JoachimK says:

      All Links on ShareMods are OK. I´ve just loaded the Map.

      But I wait also for a Patch to work without DLC France.

      • Sogard3 says:

        I think sharemods have a problem with the servers, I used vpn from France and Italy to download it without problems.

  12. Adrian G. says:

    Load order for working with PM and Rusmap can be found in the Readme file for Southern Region 6.0, that’s very important.

    I can also confirm that at least Grimes’ weather modifications work well with SR Map 6.0, but the Sound Pack fixes 17.9.1 for Vive La France, crashes the game instantly.

    If the author is aware of this issue, than he should release a compatibility fix for Southern Region Map as well. Thank you guys for releasing the most beautiful region of Russia ever.

    Keep up the good work. Спасибо.?

  13. Adrian G. says:

    I should’ve immediately tested the newest Fixes Pack before commenting such things, the author has been in contact and assures us that the latest Sound Fixes Pack is compatible with Southern Region 6.0 also.

  14. ETS2 MAN says:

    Files corrupted! Can anybody reupload the file?

  15. roger says:


  16. gerard says:

    load maps in order:
    1 Project Balkans V 2.21
    2 RusMap V 1.7.1
    3 ProMods V 2.15
    4 southern Region V 6.0
    5 Panbase V 2.0
    6 ETS2 egypt-addon V 1.0 for 1.26.xx

    Load order in the modmanager:

    1 Project Balkans 2.21-Def package
    2 Project Balkans 2.21-Map package
    3 Project Balkans 2.21-Assets package
    4 ProMods-RusMap-connection
    5 RusMap 1.7.1-Map package
    6 RusMap 1.7.1-Models 2
    7 RusMap 1.7.1-Models 1
    8 ProMods Def file 2.12 (with RusMap checked)
    9 ProMods 2.12-Map package
    10 ProMods 2.12-Media package
    11 ProMods 2.12-Models package 2
    12 ProMods 2.12-Models package 1
    13 ProMods 2.12-Assets package
    14 RusMap 1.7.1-Def package
    15 SRmap_[Def and Map] V6.0
    16 SRmap_[Model1] V6.0
    17 SRmap_[Model2] V6.0
    18 SRmap_[Model3] V6.0
    19 Panbase v2.0
    20 03_RustyNailsEgyptAddon101_zoomfix_for_ETS2v125
    21 02_RustyNailsEgyptAddon101_promodsFix_for_ETS2v125
    22 04_RustyNailsEgyptAddon101_SouthernREgion_Fix
    23 01_RustyNailsEgyptAddon101_for_ETS2v125

  17. Sandking says:

    It says no file when i try to download part 3

  18. Joe the gamer says:

    ok, well, fine… Good map! Yeah, good good. Very good.

    • ghost says:

      how did you unzip it pleas, i have winzip but no thing.

  19. Marky Sordy says:


  20. Marky Sordy says:


  21. Koen Van Nuffelen says:

    I always get a crash at a specific road with this error:
    “00:05:04.918 : Invalid look index requested for model ‘/model/sign/traffic/dk/roadworks_500m_dk.pmd’, probably a missing look?”
    Anyone has the same?

  22. Steve says:

    Files are corrupted!! Can’t extract..

  23. Tomasz says:


  24. Alex says:

    This is amazing map!
    I have a problem with trains. Passenger railroad cars are missing. Basically, just engine with no train cars.

  25. MopHead780 says:

    So can i drive from this map (Southern Region) all the way to norway,germany,england etc?? I love this map. Works perfectly fine and installs easily.

  26. Irfan says:

    I’m using Southern Region map with:
    ProMods v 2.15
    RusMap v 1.7.1
    Project Balkans v 2.3
    Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 4.4.1

    When I get into cities or new regions (e.g.: Краснодар, краснодарский край), the game will crash. I had to save my game all the time hopefully before the game crashes again. Is there any problem with the mods?
    I followed the mod order written in the README file, except the cargo pack mod. Does the mod interfere with this mod?

  27. Arayas says:


  28. yannick011 says:

    Here is an episode of random maps a series on my YouTube channel. In this video I’m driving on the Southern Region Map V6.00:

  29. Skyman says:

    An update for the version 1.27 of ETS 2 is planned? It does not work…

  30. Skyman says:

    my config: ETS2, version + RusMap 1.7.2

  31. i30Rider says:

    the Map isn’t working with Version 1.27 of ETS2. When do you release an Update that it is workeing again? I’ve bought a company on your map. And now it isn’t workeing anymore with my profile because your map doesn’t support Version 1.27.
    Please bring a Hotfix or something else. Thanks a lot.

  32. acenickells says:

    can anyone post a link for part 1 please?
    Other than sharemods.

  33. abhinasok says:

    Super mods

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