Southern Region v 7.8.0 [1.33] [upd:27.01.19]

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“Southern Region” map-visit the South of Russia!
“Southern Region “is a free project that develops a map of the southern territory of Russia for”Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
This map is perfect for lovers of the Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.

Update 7.8.0

Supported modifications: RusMap, ProMods, Russian Expanses, great Steppe, traffic packs from jazzycat
Unsupported modifications: modifications that change the season

– Adaptation to game version 1.33
-Error correction
– Cosmetic changes to some locations
-Rebuilt the city of Yeysk
– Other changes

For game version: 1.33.x
Required DLC: “Going East”,”Scandinavia”,”Vive La France”, “Italia”, ” Beyond the Baltic Sea”

SimKA, Afonya161, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD, TZ, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, Vladzz-G.


26 thoughts on “Southern Region v 7.8.0 [1.33] [upd:27.01.19]

  1. Hello, it is not compatible with the winter mod.Can we have a link to download all in one? Thank you very much and sorry for the bad english 🙁

    1. That cannot, because the Upload Hosters have Limits per Part.
      How we say: That´s Life… 😉

  2. wrong file’s afhter download’s

  3. Required DLC:Beyond the Baltic Sea.
    Supported modifications:ProMods.?????????
    ProMods not working with Beyond the Baltic Sea.

    1. Sergey061

      И Промодс, и Русмап работают с ДЛС “Балтика”.

  4. cptnemo77

    Frosty Weather mods are working with version 7.5.7. Without weather mods, I don’t need this map anymore.

  5. i download part 1 of the map then i try too open it it says errors1 what does that mean

    1. Sergey061

      Создайте папку и скачайте в неё все файлы. Теперь при открытии файла №1 откроются все фалы карты и их можно будет извлечь.

    2. Bogdan_UK

      You need to download all 6 parts on one folder. Download 7zip, then click (right button of the mouse) on the first part and choose 7zip unpack and wooala….all done. You will have a 4 files after Southern Region model 1, model 2, model 3 and Def. This map is working fine with Weather mods.

      1. Hello,
        Archive is also corrupted for me.
        So i tried that way too and it still says that the archive 1 is corrupted.
        Could you reupload the correct files please ?

  6. donne1893

    Compatible with Project Balkans and Poland rebuilding?

  7. fake……

    1. Sergey061

      Подлинные))) Ссылки авторские!

  8. Adrian Moreno

    Funciona con Mhapro map?

  9. Сергей, скажи мне, что делать, ради бога!
    Я все сделал правильно. Я расположить эти файлы следующим образом:
    Снизу вверх менеджер:
    Модель 1, Модель 2, Модель 3 и верхняя папка def!
    Это правильно? В любом случае, однако, игра выбрасывает меня.
    Дайте мне совет, пожалуйста!

    1. Vader
      Описание прочитайте по внимательней, что требуется …

  10. andreas venker

    Die scheiss karte fukioniert nicht ,was soll der mist mann:((

  11. please ONE archive !!!

  12. zaidejas22

    not working then i run rus mods and south region games crached

  13. Je ne peux pas extraire les fichiers car le format n’est pas bon

    1. Il faut télécharger toutes les archives,les mettre toutes dans un dossier et tu extrait une archive et toutes les autres suivrons.Elles sont complémentaires,elles ne peuvent donc pas être extraites une par une.

      1. Jose Boquizo

        Incomprehensible comment voulez vous decompressez avec une extention de de fichier qui fini par .001 ?????????????????????????

        1. Il faut mettre tout les fichiers dans un dossier et sur le premier qui est au format rar,faire extraire ici.

          You have to put all the files in a folder and on the first one that is in rar format, extract here.

  14. The_real_Viking

    This is as usual with your files. These files are corrupt and the archives are damaged … are not surprised !!!

  15. hello
    I don’t open the fils .7z.001 with my program 7-zip.
    Why ?
    Thank you

  16. Ali Kemal Aydogan

    This Mod I download but not working archieve

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