Scania S Lux Interior

YouTube preview

Test Version : 1.33

The only difference between two interior .scs’s is the Vabis 3-spoke steering wheel,insert whatever you wanna use
If windows get purpleish restarting the game will fix it

Samet Arıkan


11 thoughts on “Scania S Lux Interior

  1. Driverstein

    isn’t this the interior from Carmichael?

    1. Hayır Samet Arıkan (illicit) yapmıştır benzerlik olabilir

  2. This is a CMI Brown Biege Interior! You copy?

    1. “Nope, it’s completely mine”

      1. Never!!

      2. You are copy.

      3. Oh! Okay this is you mod sorry.

  3. Carmichael

    This has nothing to do with my interior 🙂 . Sure the color scheme is almost the same but it was not made by me. I hope this clarifies any confusion.

    1. Thank you for your description

    2. Hi Carmichael.when the release of the interior of a Volvo?

    3. hey Guys please I really need new ones for Mercedes MP4 🙂

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