Scania S Lux Interior

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Test Version : 1.33

The only difference between two interior .scs’s is the Vabis 3-spoke steering wheel,insert whatever you wanna use
If windows get purpleish restarting the game will fix it

Samet Arıkan


11 Responses to Scania S Lux Interior

  1. Driverstein says:

    isn’t this the interior from Carmichael?

    • illicit says:

      Hayır Samet Arıkan (illicit) yapmıştır benzerlik olabilir

  2. Mairabu says:

    This is a CMI Brown Biege Interior! You copy?

  3. Carmichael says:

    This has nothing to do with my interior 🙂 . Sure the color scheme is almost the same but it was not made by me. I hope this clarifies any confusion.

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