Southern Region” is a free project developing a map of the southern territory of Russia for “Euro Truck Simulator 2.
This card is perfect for lovers of the Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.
“Southern Region” map – visit the South of Russia!

Update 9.0
Supported modifications: RusMap, ProMods, Russian Prostory, Great Steppe, jazzycat traffic packs
Unsupported Mods: Mods that change the season

-Support game version 1.38
-Completely rebuilt city of Goryachy Klyuch and its surroundings
-Many cosmetic improvements all over the map
-Bug fixes for pre-versions

For the game version: 1.38.x
Required DLCs: “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea” or their replacement fixes

1. Download the files, unpack the FIRST file with the 7zip archiver, after which all the rest will be unpacked automatically. Both files must be downloaded and located in the same folder.
2. Place all unpacked SCS files in the My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod folder.
3. Include all files in the modification manager

Game world: SimKA, Afonya161
Resources: RusMap, SimKA, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD, TZ, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, Afonya161, Vladzz-G
Assistance in adaptation – Sergey061

DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB [mirror]

19 thoughts on “SOUTHERN REGION V9.0 BETA ETS2 1.38.X

  1. william markham

    not working WinRar says archive is corrupt

    1. same error as this one

  2. HD Video Test 1.38

  3. Toll gates are not opening!

  4. file is corrupt

    1. do you download two parts of archive file

      1. yes i do. the first work but not the other one.

  5. Le fichier est corrompu impossible de l’extraire

  6. WinRar says archive is corrupt

  7. Same thing on dodgy files in a format I’ve never seen most likely contains something bad like Covid 19

    1. We should take two parts
      DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB
      DOWNLOAD 1.2 GB [mirror]

  8. all+who+says+archive+is+corrupt



    1. william markham

      that’s exactly what I did, winrar still saying unexpected end of archive when I open ihe zip the when try to unpack the two files in 001 zip winzip says the archive is corrupt

      1. Use 7zip to unpack the first file and the second wil unpack automaticaly ….anyways the toll gates are bugged in this version…the mapper has been informed.

  9. Werkt perfect met 7zip (y)

  10. Guthrie Forbes


    1. william markham

      Had to download file 001 from one site then download file 002 from a different site, how daft is that!

  11. Guthrie Forbes

    ours is not reason why`

  12. SamTrucker

    Help me please, I did everything properly and right.
    When I’ll create a profile with Rusmap 2.1.1, in loading screen like 75% loaded, it will crash.


    BTW: My DLC’s: EAST, NORTH, FRANCE, ITALY, BALTIC (idk if it can help).

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