MAPA EAA V5.5 1.38

Changes 5.5
28 – New Cities
Espinosa – MG
Guanambi – BA
Caetite – BA
Igaporã – BA (representative)
Bom Jesus da Lapa – BA
Correntina – BA
Dianópolis – TO
Porto Nacional – TO
Barra – BA
São José do Egito – PE (representative)
Alagoa Grande – PB
Guarabira – PB
Caicó – RN
Currais Novos – RN
Ibarra – Ecuador
Tulcan – Ecuador
Ipiales – Colombia
Pasto – Colombia
Popayan – Colombia
Cali – Colombia
Guadalajara de Buga – Colombia
Armenia – Colombia
Ibagué – Colombia
Bogota – Colombia
Pereira – Colombia
Manizales – Colombia
La Pintada – Colombia (representative)
Medellin – Colombia
================================================== ========================================
4,520 km of New Roads
Janaúba to Brumado (BR-122 and BR-030) – 384 Km
Caetité to Rosário (BA-430 and BR-349) – 465 Km
Luis Eduardo Magalhães to Palmas (BR-242, BA-460, TO-040, TO-387, TO-280, BR-010) – 486 Km
Ibotirama to Xique-Xique (BA-161 and BA-160) – 191 Km
Arcoverde to Patos (BR-110/412, PB-262) – 217 Km
BR-230 to Guarabira (PB-079 E PB-075) – 51 KM
Guarabira to Entrocamento BR-226 (PB-081 and RN-120) – 91 Km
Natal to Patos via Caicó (BR226 / 427/110) – 410 Km
Quito (EQU) to Bogota (COL) – 1711 Km
Entrocamento Armenia (COL) – Medellin (COL) – 510 Km
8 – Redesigned cities (by Heverton)
Entre Rios – BA
Serrinha – BA
Esplanade – BA
Cristinápolis – SE
Arcoverde – PE
Serra Talhada – PE
Abreu e Lima – PE
Araripina – PE
Redone the interchange of BR-262 and BR-101 in Viana and Guarapari interchange (real standard)
Improvements in interchanges of greater São Paulo and Baixada Santista
Improvements in interchanges and access to cities on BR-101 and 376 (Paraná and Santa Catarina)


EAA Team


20 thoughts on “MAPA EAA V5.5 1.38

  1. jeanmichel

    dois je refaire un nouveau profil car avec mon profil actuel sa ne fonctionne pas

  2. Octavian101

    Please next time upload the mod somewhere else. Anywhere else except mediafire where it takes 34 minutes to download 144MB. And I have a good and wired internet connection.

    1. really?!! i also hate sharemods….i get the same problem when downloading from that site. what causes that?

      1. Octavian101

        SHaremods is working good for me, the problem is Mediafire. It’s always slow!

  3. SamPlayer

    What DLC’s do I need?

    1. I have all the DLC’s and version 1.38 and it works for me without any bugs. It’s really big map so you have to wait a little bit longer when you load the map for the first time.

      1. can you reupload the 144mb file because the link is dead.

  4. Katarzyna Bugla

    mapa nie działa. Ładuje się pół godziny i nie może się załadować

  5. Itapiranga ferry boat is bug I frive them then must backward inside ferry. Ferry outside drive is wrong way

  6. garage in armenia is gate closed and doesnt open perhaps I have use anim gate mod in game if this conflict door open problem. Can add game quick job market bus using if take passenger job. Some truck in quick job has problem showing all of truck parts like bumber and so on. I use same time other mods too.

  7. …so it is a stand alone map and not compatible with other maps, right? 🙁

    best regards

  8. mapa link removed from mediafire … please, reload it.

  9. between las armas and dolores game crashes something model problem to get those area fix please

  10. 01:36:38.595 : [model] Model geometry ‘/model/vegetation/desert/saguaro_big_sprite.pmg’ has incorrect file version 506d6713 – expected version 506d6715. Converting…
    01:36:38.598 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/automat/0b/29b107275ace1185fb213d1d08a8916c33e9e4.mat’ in the read_only mode.
    01:36:38.598 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/0b/29b107275ace1185fb213d1d08a8916c33e9e4.mat’
    01:36:38.812 : Leaved and detail vegetation instances may use only ‘eut2.leaves’ effect however ‘dry.tex’ was found!
    01:36:38.813 : Unable to adapt material 0 for model ‘/model/vegetation/desert/saguaro_big_sprite.pmd’
    01:36:38.836 : d:\buildbot\slaves\win_slave\final_build_ets2_138_windows_bin_steam_x64\build\prism\src\p3core\collections\arrays\arrays_base_impl.h(523): ?element_at@?$array_t@Vsmart_proto_t@prism@@@prism@@QEAAPEAVsmart_proto_t@2@_K@Z: Index outside array boundaries.

  11. macht doch bitte anstatt mediafare für sharemodus ist besser und läuft schneller danke euch es ist die kleine datei

  12. in salvaldor game crashes

    1. Bonfim too if found more I comment

  13. Cristian Castro

    it works for the 1.37 version?

  14. Francisco

    can i play with this mod online?

  15. Hello, part 1 is missing, please reupload. Thanks

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