Sparks Scania Topline


SPARKS skin. For Topline. Company from Glastonbury



7 Responses to Sparks Scania Topline

  1. Orlando says:

    Nice skin mate ! 1 question where did you get the painted grill mod and sideskirts mod ?


  2. Banksy says:

    and thx, jus started skinning.

  3. BuraK says:

    Wonderful mod.Also, can I ask about the wheels mod?
    Is it part of the Scania megastore mod?Or a different mod?

  4. Banksy says:

    yes they are part of scania mega store 4 i think. there is a pack too but i can not find them again most be quite an old pack

  5. Banksy says:

    my mistake, Scaniamegamods4 the one with the red tandem tipper

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