Special Transport Weights 100 t [1.40]

This mod makes all special transport weights to 100 t

Changes :
“Boiler part” from 45 t to 100 t
“Construction Staircase” from 50 t to 100 t
“Excavator Bucket” from 25 t to 100 t
“Giant Silo” from 40 t to 100 t
“Haul Truck Chassis” from 55 t to 100 t
“Heat Exchanger” from 70 t to 100 t
“High-Tech Device” from 45 t to 100 t
“Huge Tyres” from 20 t to 100 t
“Industrial Condenser” from 60 t to 100 t
“Massive Tech Part” from 44 t to 100 t
“Service Boat” from 25 t to 100 t

i’ve changed the weights to 100 t instead of 150 t (my previous mod), otherwise you will not be able to climb during the Stavanger to Oslo job

tested on 1.40

scs, towobay678


One thought on “Special Transport Weights 100 t [1.40]

  1. towobay678

    *after lots of testing, i’ve learned that horsepowers it’s not everything.
    The transmission is the most important thing.
    On the route Stavanger to Oslo (has one of the steepest hillclimb)
    i’ve barely made it pulling 100 tons with the SCANIA S770 and 14+2 gearbox
    but with the DAF 105 (510hp) with the 16 gears transmission i’ve made it “easily”
    even tho the DAF is less powerful.
    The key is the 16 gears transmission.
    Same route, MB MP4, 630hp and 16 gears, i was able to hillclimb pulling 150 tons!
    Make your choice …. 150 tons mod is available at this link below
    🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽

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