Special transport with extra long cargo

Download both files: hint: use dev console to get to the trailer because they spawn all over the place and it’s not always possible to grt out of the company. It will spawn at all companies because i want it to spawn very often.

!!!DEV CONSOLE NEEDED (easy to get, no worries)!!!

john coll, powerdriveyt for converting


9 thoughts on “Special transport with extra long cargo

  1. Syahmi_Asyraff

    Did you mean teleport by using free camera and press f9?

  2. Dennis_GER

    Wrong Credits!!!!

    Original Author: Franck_Brasil

    1. Brickokermis

      No, the creator is SCS Software, the guy just modified the trailer. (Which is ugly by the way)

    2. They all say someone different. It’s a little hard to edit now…

  3. It+doesn´t+work.+No+Special+trailer+ist+spawning

  4. Syahmi_Asyraff

    I tested it out. This mod sucks, even after teleport the trailer is still damaged, the trailer sometimes floats into the air. I give this 1.3/10. You should remove this!!!! I gave up to transport these trailers by teleport the truck >10km above the sky!!!!! >:(

  5. The trailer is good but need to be fixed . Pleace fix the mod.

  6. good

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