Specially Engine

Specially Engine
DLC Scandinavia
DLC Going East
DLC France
DLC Italia
Tested on 1.30.
Installation :
Copy the …..scs to Folder Mod
Please dont reapload without the author’s link.
thanks to all my community



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10 thoughts on “Specially Engine

  1. Why don’t you tell what is special about the engine?

    I don’t think that anyone should download this file. It is probably fake.

  2. Jean POPINEAU

    All his mods, are like that! No explanations.
    To flee

  3. where is your community
    fake or whatever 😀

  4. Mods like these, without explanation (probably stolen too) should be ignored. The website is now full with useless mods that don’t do nothing, especially improving the game!

    Like someone said on another similar mod today, if you see english grammar problems in a mod description (e.g. reapload : )) ) please ignore them and move along.

  5. It’s a 580HP engine for the Scania S.
    Honestly, dunno what’s so ###### “Specially” about it…

  6. I guess the only “Special” think about this is the uploader!

  7. And why are map DLC’s required for an engine? I completely miss the connection between them.

  8. Maybe this is the petrol engine Scania talked about…maybe…

  9. Arthur Vince

    Thanks to all my community?? Which are .. picomac + mikojub?? Whahahaha what a joke…not

  10. papaghostPT

    this new scania engine it was build by pikomac and his partener mikojub this team are soo good “stealing work” lol how many names have this guy

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