Spedition-Brucker skinpack (v1.6)

Do not reupload! If you republish use original link.

This skinpack adds paintjobs of the German company “Spedition-Brucker”

(1.0) Includes paintjob for: MB Actros MP4 (Schumi, Alex, SCS) (BigSpace)
MAN TGX Euro 6 (SCS) (xlx & xxl)
(1.1) MAN TGX Euro 6 (Madster) (xlx & xxl)
(1.2) Bugfix for TGX E6 (SCS) (xlx & xxl)
(1.3) Paintjob for the MAN TGX Euro 5 (xlx & xxl) by
Madster with the old Paintjob design of the company.
(1.4) Added Skin for Krone Profiliner by SCS.
(1.5) Added Skin for Actros 5 2019 by A5C.

UPDATE: 1.6:Reworked Actros MP4 Skin.
Added Actros MP3 MegaSpace, HighRoof Skin

ESG (Emil Schulz)


2 thoughts on “Spedition-Brucker skinpack (v1.6)

  1. Unfortunately the Madster TGX E5 doesnt work…

    1. ill try to fix it. It works on the 1.5, i didnt change the man files, ill check whats wrong.

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